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Friday, February 18, 2005
My day didnt start off too well today.Got up late.Started late for college.On my bike began to sputter.Thinking tht it was running out of fuel,i switched the valve to reserve position.Still the bike began to sputter.Then i felt something cool being sprayed on my legs.I found that it was petrol from the tank.The pipe which ran from the tank to the engine had got disconnected.Luckily for me this happened near my house that i kept my bike back @ home and went to college by bus.

Once I reached college,i considered myself lucky to find the lecturer in a good mood.He let me in and at once started dictating terms(technical terms).The absence of a proper pen only added fuel to the inferno.

Then in the evening i overslept thus missing computer class by an hour.I returned frm comp class and at once gave the bike to the local mechanic.As if he had repaired an aircraft he charged me 50 bucks .

In all,today did not go well for me.Off to sleep now.C ya later.Bye.
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