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Saturday, March 19, 2005
I had a bad cold for 2 days and i'm almost ok now.My brain almost broke down as a result of which i couldnt come up with a good blog.I was intent on presenting an interesting blog after 4 dull ones.

This blog is abt the problems i faced with female partners in practical class(the tpoic is based on one of magix's blog.sorry for this plagiarism but i told u my brain had broken down)

There were 2 female partners for electrical machines lab and instrumentation lab during my 3rd sem.Let's call them R and S.R thinks she is a know-all.Periya einstein tangachinu nenappu.I'll justify this statement later. S belongs to the same category.She reads the textbooks of the next sem during the previous sem holidays.She learns always what is not needed for the experiment.

It was my first elec machines expt session.My batch was to experiment with a 3-phase induction motor.Well,the apparatus was 20 yrs old and was on the verge of exploding.I and another guy made the connections and while we went to call the lecturer to check our connections,S disconnected everything and reconnected them.When the lect saw the connections he started screwing me and my male partner,saravana.S had connected in a rather dangerous manner.The supply line was directly connected to the load.The lect screwed me and saravana and went off.We both then screwed S,only to get abused with north madras slang(she's frm north madras).I vowed to take revenge.

Scene now shifts to instrumentation lab!The experiment was digital to analog converter.It was now the turn of R.R had studies the circuit the previous night had worked on a few logics tht dont apply to electronics.she modified the circuit according to her "logics" and made the connections accordingly.When the signal was applied,smoke began to emanate out of the CRO and the CRO went blank.The lecturer came on the scene and found that the signal applied was not digital.Thankfully he didnt screw us.We connected according to the original circuit and things worked perfectly.But R did not give up.She asked me "How can that be?"I pointed to S and said "Ask her!".Good riddance.R and S then went on discussing the "logics".

I had my revenge on S but only in the current sem(4th).This time I was allotted a different batch(no gals this time :)) for fluid mechanics lab.She was in the previous batch.I explained her the procedure for centrifugal pump,but the wrong one.She carried it out and in a few moments water started gushing out from the tank.She got screwed even by the lab assistants.Later she abused me again but i didnt care.I had my revenge.That's it.
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  • At 6:26 pm, Blogger Casanova said…

    dude... if at all u have the guts... put the real names in... otherwise its just a piece of crap that u wrote :D

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