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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
I'd been pondering over the meaning of "programmable calculator" ever since I began using one.I used to wonder whether my 991MS belongs to that category.Only yesterday,I got to know that it is a programmable one.

More bad news!My maths professor informed us yest that programmable calcis were not permitted for the exam.This info was a rude shock to me.For I had been programming every problem in the calci throughout this semester.I then planned to borrow one from magix,prashant,koka or "the optimist".I finally reserved magix's for the next month.

About 4th sem mathematics,it is known by a different name "numerical methods".The subject involves solving very complex mathematical problems using numbers.It involves usage of a calci to the extent of getting ur finger swollen.

Thankfully the rule applies to only NM.Had it been imposed on other subjects as well,imagine my fate!
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