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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
That's the name of a bland drink that I tasted two years ago in Fruit Shop,that is more of ice cubes than liquid.But I had no option other than like it for name's sake as it was a special friend who was buying me that drink.

I've got tired of that old template and so gone in for a template change.Regular visitors might term this as a sudden desperate move,but it's only the content that matters and not the appearance.Kindly bear with me till I come up with a good post.

This firefox template is only to show that I'm a man of fire as how other people(read college friends) put it(though I have other opinions).My attempts at trying to be modest to the lowest extreme possible dont seem to be working.

In this attempt,I'm forced to compromise on the comments for the previous posts.This happened because I just didnt know where to fit the comment block of the template code.Blame it on poor programming skills.
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