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Sunday, April 30, 2006
My blog does not have a specific theme and thus the posts are about almost anything that exists or happens in this big,bad world.Elections is one theme that I did not touch upon despite this being the poll season in Tamil Nadu.And this blogger draws an interesting,indirect comparison between the polls and a circus in this post.

This seems to be the season of freebies.The DMK's trying to ensure that every damn god-forsaken thing in this earth is offered free.2 Kg rice @ Rs.3.50/kg,colour television,gas stove,2 acres of land....what next??
2 acres of land to every farmer.Should it not be "every farmer in a DMK constituency?Will the DMK ever bother to lend land to a farmer in Andipatti?

One question I would like to ask is will the 2 acres of land be productively utilised?Assume that a farmer in Trichy district gets this piece of land as promised.How will this farmer carry out irrigation in this land when there is no(or little) water in the Cauvery river?Farmers in the districts bordering Cauvery such as Erode,Salem,Namakkal,Tanjavur and the delta regions,who receive the land,would be caught in this predicament if the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal continues to play tricks.
When asked for her opinion on who would sweep through the coming polls,my aunt remarked "Karunanithi has greater supporters than Jayalalitha."This surprised me since the reality is that the latter has got more supporters who are fan(atic)s of MGR.And most fan(atic)s of MGR are those of Rajinikanth too.And Rajini commands the greatest fan following in the state.It thus works out to the solution that JJ has more supporters than MK.

What then made my aunt differ with me?The telecasts on TV.Sun TV while reporting campaigns quotes figures of 3 lakh,4 lakh,5.5 lakh etc..people coming to listen to Karunanithi or Dayanithi Maran or Ramdoss.Jaya TV on the other hand keeps it simple with "huge crowds".
There is this party called All India Forward Bloc(a new party on the block),which,in order not to be pushed backward in the polls(thus becoming Backward Bloc) and to stay forever in the limelight,is quoting threats by AIADMK as a medium of diverting the vote bank from AIADMK.But why is it using sun tv to do that?
Coming to the problem of voter id cards,it seems like the government will take generations and aeons and decades and centuries before it computerises the process of including name in electoral rolls, issuing voter id cards etc.
The electoral rolls have been put up in the website of the Tamilnadu government but unfortunately the whole thing is in tamil.The search for my name was a gruelling one.

Being a resident of South Madras,the most likely constituency had to be Saidapet or Mylapore in all probability.A tiresome two-hour search under the two yielded no response.Only after searching in Kanchipuram district under Tambaram constituency did I find my locality listed and this lasted about an hour.Tambaram,pallavaram,anakaputhur,selaiyur,chitlapakkam,perumbakkam,medavakkam,perungudi etc etc and finally it appeared....Tiruvanmiyur.
Campaigning in my constituency is actively in favour of the AIADMK alliance.Every single day,a run-down,topless Willys jeep belonging to 1932,passes by with a lady shouting "Bambaram chinnathukku vaakalippeer"(Vote for the symbol,Top).While this happens 5 times in one day the campaigner for DMK goes around in a Scorpio SUV followed by two Qualis SUVs and led by 10 motorbikes,all out to disturb the residents of a peaceful siesta in a hot summer afternoon.
The election is poised to be an interesting one with many twists and turns.Watch out for the fun.
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