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BCCI--Board of Cash and Confusion of India
Monday, June 23, 2008
The forthcoming cricket Champions League is presently embroiled in the controversy of whether to allow teams, featuring ICL players, to participate. The BCCI vice-president, Lalit Modi, made it clear that teams with ICL players would be disqualified. The top two league teams from India, South Africa, Australia and England are slated to participate and Modi's statement is bound to affect England the most, since 15 out of their 18 county teams feature ICL players. And the top two county teams would definitely not be from the exceptional three teams, it is believed.

The BCCI president stepped in, a couple of days ago, and unleashed his 'Pawar'-play. He stated that counties with ICL players would be allowed to play but added a caveat that the BCCI would form the core of the decision making. If this is the case,then England may, very well, be a non-participant since the only thing that England is worried about is ICL players in its county teams and the only decision the BCCI must take now is keep ICL players out.

The whole irony of this issue is that the competition will be held by the England Cricket Board (ECB) and that Cricket Australia (CA) will be framing the tournament rules and fixtures. And here we have a cash-rich cricket board wresting its muscle power, in the name of deciding its own rules, on the other three hapless, submissive cricket boards.

The only sensible thing the ECB can do is to boycott the tournament. But who would take such a drastic step when there are a million dollars at stake? The ECB is yet to arrive at a decision on this while the BCCI has already decided to invite Pakistani teams for the event in case the ECB refuses to comply with its demand of keeping away ICL players.

The other side, the ugly face, of cricket!

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Property of Sheks @ 12:01 pm  
  • At 10:31 am, Blogger Vekram said…

    It is true that the circle of power has shifted from Oz land to India and we shouldn't loathe or be afraid of it. But people like Lalit Modi have been behaving like spoilt kids on the school playground and abusing that power. Did you read that article on cricinfo about how Modi is making up rules as he goes on and stuff? That was awesome!

  • At 10:05 pm, Blogger Sheks said…

    @Vekram, Yeah I read that article.If Modi continues his abuse of power,it is cricket which stands to lose in the long,maybe even short,term.After the IPL,the best that cricket lovers could get is the Champions League where one could experience the joy of seeing a Chennai Superkings vs Western Australia Warriors contest.With a lameduck ICC pandering to the BCCI,all I can hope for is a change of mind on Modi's part.

  • At 6:46 pm, Anonymous keerthana said…

    LOL :) loved your Pawarplay pun.

  • At 1:25 pm, Blogger Sheks said…

    Thanks :)

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