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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Hi,I'm back frm my so-called 3-day industrial visit.The trip was arranged mostly by way of acquaitances.Here's an account of the trip.

Day 1--24-3-05
I actually accompanied the mechanical engg guys.I was specially invited.Not wanting to miss the opportunity,i agreed to go with them.I set off for central by bus.I found,to my dismay,tht the whole bus was filled with people bound for central.So i had to travel standing all the way.I reached central @ 830.Boarded the train @ 945.

Day 2--25-3-05
The class representative of mech engg is a guy called vignesh.But it was the deputy rep. who played the pivotal role of a leader.He led us straight to a large hall which was one of covai's famous.We took bath,had breakfast and headed straight to arts college road where a govt. bus was waiting for us.(There was another vignesh whose dad is the MD of SETC.Thro' him we arranged for a govt bus to make the trip inexpensive).

We headed straight for the industry located on pollachi road in the SIDCO estate.(Suganth's uncle was the factory manager,another case of influence).After spending 2 hours in a dusty factory we headed back to where we lodged and got ready for ooty.

We started @ 3 pm by a brand new govt bus which had just been bought and was yet to make its first trip.We felt proud to be the first passengers.

We reached ooty @ 730pm.We would have reached it much earlier @ 630 itself but b'cos the bus was long,the driver found it quite hard to manoeuvre it on the ghat road.

I joined 11 other guys in 5-bed room.(Finding an inexpensive lodge was not difficult since the lodge belonged to ECE Prabu's uncle).Prabu was to join us that night from his hometown mettupalayam.

While the 11 other guys went out 2 have a "drink",i stayed back.I went off to sleep not wanting to witness them behaving abnormally.But I was forced awake by Sakthi,my classmate,who had gulped 2 "fulls". "Ennada thookam vendiyirukku?endhiri da!".He caught hold of a mobile phone a threw it across the room.Later it turned out to be his own mobile.

From 1030, a war of words between a completely drunk sakthi and a half drunk PKS(polambal kotturpuram sivakumar)started and went on till 1230.It finally stopped with ECE prabu arriving @ the scene.

Day 3--26-3-05
42 of us hired a govt bus and went sight-seeing.First we went boating in Pykara lake.Next it was pykara falls.While one group went along the flow of water,I and 7 other guys,accompanied by Sandeep,climbed the nearby hill.We took photographs inside what looked like a dense jungle.We then came out and headed for filmi chakkar which is a large open space frequented by film-shootings.We climbed up in groups and all 42 of us together ran down the steep hill,Sandeep leading the way once again.

Our next stop was pine forest.A steep hill descended from the road.This time representative Vignesh took the initiative and went deep into the forest.After a particular spot,the road was no longer visible.We posed for snaps and headed straight for the lodge.

At night,PKS & Co went for their round of "drinks" with Prabu too joining them.I stayed back as usual watching Lakshya.

Day 4--27-3-05
We planned to visit Doddabetta and botanical gardens but prabu insisted otherwise."Adhellam chinna pasanga pogira places.Naan weighta oru placekku kottikittu poraen".,was his remark.(He has been in mettupalayam since childhood and knows every nook n corner of nilgiris.)He said he would take us to "avalanche falls".

After a one and a half hour drive,we reached a power plant.We looked around the plant.Prabu later told that the waterfall was behind the plant.We saw a river flowing behind the plant and in the distant corner,saw a stream of water flowing downhill.

How to get to the falls?U've to cross two hills,cross the river with the help of rocks,cross yet another hill,cross yet another channel of the river and then ascend another hill to reach the catchment.We did exactly tht.Once again Sandeep with 5 others darted forward and reached the falls.I went with Prabu,rep vignesh,SETC vignesh,sakthi,Pks and 3 others.

It was 2'o clock by the time we started to return to the hydel plant.We reached the plant @ 230 and had a taste of pure natural mineral water.I gulped down 2 litres and took 2 litres with me since such water was non-existent in chennai.

We started off for ooty @ 245 and reached @ 345.We had lunch and @ sharp 530 we started for coimbatore by another brand new bus.

This day had been pretty unfortunate for me.My watch strap broke while trekking.The zip of my bag gave away and i had to travel with an open bag till chennai.Worst of all,the brand new bus' tyre got punctured on the ghat road a few yards after coonoor. at 7'o clock.The driver did some clever thinking by stopping a bus bound for tirupur and took the stepney from tht bus.He fixed the tyre in no time and after 30 mins we were heading for covai.

We reached covai at 915 pm.The train was at 10.We did not have time to eat dinner so we bought food packets.

The train chugged into the platform at 945.We were allotted a special coach.It was indeed special for it was fresh from the ICF yard.The coach resembled a first class coach and it was truly first class.I went out to buy a glass of cool drink.I got the glass in my hand when i noticed the train moving.I ran fast enuf,got into the next coach and went over to mine.

We reached chennai @ 7 in the morning.I was awoken at vyasarpadi by the "pleasant odour" of the buckingham canal.

It took me 10 mins to come out of central.I boarded a 1-cut bound for tiruvanmiyur.I decided to bunk the first 2 hrs.I attended the next 2 and got myself ready for fluid mech practical exam.

Precisely speaking,this trip is one which i will not 4get forever.

[photos later]
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