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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I've been tagged for the first time in the history of my blog,by paurnakrishnan.There are certain rules to be followed:
1) The one who's tagged has to specify 8 different points about his/her lover.
2) The gender of the lover has to be mentioned.
3) Tag 8 more people.
4) If tagged once again,reject it.

So here goes:


1. Must be younger to me or of my age
2. Must be good at heart
3. Must be outgoing
4. Must be an outright chatterbox(must speak 1049 words to the dozen)
5. Must be a party animal
6. Must not take things seriously
7. Must not object if I be friends with other girls
8. Must have an excellent sense of humour.

And this tag goes to ---Curses,suderman,ferrari,praveen,dryad,vani,neha and chikuado.
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