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SHAKY 2006
Saturday, December 31, 2005
2005 began on a shaky note with the earth trembling five days before new year eve.2006 too had to witness a bitter beginning with the death of an IISc professor.A month of disasters,december is.

HAPPY NEW YEAR.Just rewind your memory 365 days back.You said the same thing for 2005.But was it a happy year.Think again.The tidal wave began the proceedings similar to what they call "trial ball" in gully cricket.Floods in various parts of the country,hurricanes,kashmir earthquake,delhi bomb blast,bangalore terrorist attack,bangalore call centre employee murder,.....want more??

This is in no way meant to spoil the NY mood.All I want to say is keep your eyes and ears open.Be optimistic.
Now for resolutions.I havent taken any new resolutions.Only an extension of what I had taken during the course of 2005.I've been sticking to only one resolution for the past 1 year and that is 1024 * 768.I wish to do the following:

**Get a 120GB hard-disk for my PC.
**Footboard-travel to college by bus.
**Go to besant nagar beach everyday.
**Eat 2 mentos' after each puff.
**Take part in cultural functions of other colleges.
**Watch "birds" everyday.
**Be a responsible citizen.

Let's hope nothing disastrous happens this year.
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