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Monday, January 23, 2006
It started becoming muddy in 2004.It was becoming muddier all these days and now it's the muddiest.The 'it' in question here is the political crisis in karnataka.A section of the JD(S)led by Deve Gowda's son H.D.Kumaraswamy,sidelined itself from the congress and has allied with the BJP.Meanwhile the congress has been asked to prove its majority by jan 27.In order not to disturb the congress in the process of proving its majority,the BJP and JD(S)leaders are holidaying,the former in Chennai and the latter in Goa.

Karnataka's political fiasco has been doing the rounds in all news magazines right from 2004 when Dharam singh became CM.So much detail has been covered that an other-state guy like me can write a book on it.It remains to be seen whether Singh stays or gets overthrown.Whichever of the two happens,the result is the same---the branded city gets more affected.
Update:Deve Gowda has backtracked yet again on expected lines.He told The Hindu that the incident of his son aligning with the BJP was a betrayal.Yesterday he was seen supporting his son's stand,speaking ill of the congress.The previous instance when gowda backtracked was before the fair when he questioned the services of the infotech industry.Later he was seen telling the press,during Bill gates's visit to bangalore,that the government was ready to do anything for the industry.Please make up your mind,Mr.gowda!
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