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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
This post is not going to be about a famous actor who calls himself Zero No.1,but the title is what you would be forced to utter specially after you watch a movie like "Tirupati".

And nothing better than watching it with two other guys in a grade-B,no-frills theatre in tiruvanmiyur for a mere rate of 50 rupees.

This one is way different from Perarasu's other two flicks in that a different hero has been used this time and this one's not as fast-paced as Sivakaasi.However it's worth a watch given the sufficient dose of humour in the film.

**The first thing that makes you laugh is Ajith's hairdo.And then his dialogues in the later part of the movie.

**You can't help laughing at the sight of Perarasu himself performing a stunt in one of the initial scenes and then walking off with the theme music frm "Annamalai" playing in the background.

**Thala Ajith wears a bright yellow bell-bottom trouser in the second song of the movie.This is probably to lend an Andhra-touch to this tamil Tirupati.

**Sadaa,the heroine,too lends a comical touch with the overdose of laxmanrekha(read make-up) and tomato sauce(read lipstick).

**As in the case of the other Perarasu flicks,in this too,the villains lend themselves to comedy.A typical case is that of Saidai Saanakyan played by Livingston.

**M.S.Bhaskar and Ganja Karuppu do justice to their roles as the main comedians.

**A highlight is the number of hospitals that feature in the movie.A closer observation would reveal that all the hospitals had the same location,a famous engineering college off Old Mahabalipuram Road.

**Whatever's happened to Bharadwaj?Is it his music that's at fault or the lyrics by comedian Perarasu?

**Again,SUVs,(Tata Sumo again)dominate the climax.For a change,the hero uses a Scorpio.

For more like this,go and watch the movie.In short,the movie hasnt lived upto the hype it generated thanks to Perarasu.It's definitely not a must-watch,but check it out anyway.Punch dialogues from the movie

**Tirupati erangi poga maataan.Eri thaan povaan.
**Tirupati onnu kathukuttaan......
**Unakku pathu thala irukkalaam daa.Aanaa naan orey thala!
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