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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
The issue of reservations in IITs and IIMs has created ruckus in the country,on expected lines.The matter is yet to be approved by the cabinet and the bill is still waiting to get into the parliament.Meanwhile the communist parties have used this as a vote-generating mechanism in Bengal by welcoming the move of Arjun Singh.Yeah.Arjun Singh,the same guy who,in 2004,assured complete autonomy for the IIMs.

Two socio-conscious bloggers have written a lengthy thought-provoking posts on the issue.Read them here and here.

A final word:Mr.Arjun Singh,you've got better things to do than sleep through assembly sessions.
There seems to be no end to BJP's list of yatras.Rath yatra in 1990,Bharat Uday yatra in 2004 and now Bharat Suraksha yatra.And it is L.K.Advani every time.This time it's Rajnath Singh who's accompanying him.And have anyone of you readers checked out the two's routes?While Advani's touring most of western India where the batons of power belong to the BJP,Rajnath's route seems to be perilous.His journey starts in Bhubaneswar and he travels along naxalite infested regions of Bihar and Jharkhand.

What good are these yatras to the people?And what exactly is the objective of these yatras?If such nonsense persists I'm going to go on a Suraksha yatra of my own(provided that doesn't prompt other bloggers to take up suraksha yatras against me).
And the latest:Kannada actor Rajkumar passes away in Bengaluru.He's to karnataka what SivajiGanesan is to Tamilnadu and N.T.Rama Rao is to Andhra Pradesh."May his soul rest in peace!"I wonder if his soul would ever rest given the violence that has erupted in other districts of Karnataka.Come on,kannadigas.He's only an actor.He's died because of ill-health and not because of attempted murder.You don't have to damage public and private property to voice your protests.And your protests have no reason at all.His soul's not going to rest in peace if you continue with such violence.
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