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Friday, April 21, 2006
As quoted in my previous post(which is only a scroll away),programming in C(rappy) language has been quite an ordeal for me.I've been studying C for three terms,the first time in my XIth std,then in my second semester of college and very recently in my sixth semester.But till date,I havent been able to make head or tail out of it.

Murphy's law of obsolescence states that it is not easy to master any programming language and by the time you become an expert at it,the programming language would be outdated and no longer in use.Exceptions to this law are bloggers such as this,who once wrote 105 lines of a C code just to display golden terms like "Mannaangatti","Soonaa paanaa" etc,that marquee across the screen.As for me,it's time I stopped Murphy from playing with my life.

Computer Applications Lab.The very mention of this name conjured up images of MiniTAB,CRAFT,Matlab,CORELAP or any other industrial engineering software that exists,only to discover later that the subject had to do with application of C(rap) to operations research concepts like Linear programming,Transportation model,Inventory model,Queueing model,role model etc.

Preparing for such exams can be tiresome.The most trying part is that of learning the program code of 150 lines of which there are 100 'for' loops and 40 flower brackets.Typing the code is not very demanding but compiling is.Spending 1.5 hours typing 150 lines and then pressing Alt+F9 only to find 52 errors,is quite frustrating.

While landmarks are being made in the world of software,it puzzles me as to why most software is modelled on C.And why is C still a Command Line Interface language?Why don't researchers convert it to a GUI?Calling this language user-friendly is like announcing freebies in Tamilnadu before elections.

Perhaps the most deciding,yet cruel part is is that of the output.This is what nullifies the 1.5 hours of typing and the 1 hour of compiling,you had been doing so far.However in most occasions,it is easier to get away without actually showing an output.

In all,sitting through a practical exam,working on a language like C,is worse than watching a movie by Perarasu or enduring the pre-election gimmicks in TamilNadu.

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