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Saturday, May 20, 2006
The previous semester had been sort of hectic what with weekends snatched away and the total duration of the semester slashed to 3 months.Even amidst all this we were supposed to do a project which was specified as "mandatory" according to the university syllabus that's as screwed up as Harris Jayaraj's background music.

Overnight stays in the hostel ruled the roost and this meant compromising on sleep.As true engineering students,we never had the habit of completing work ahead of schedule.If the review's scheduled for the next day,start composing the report that night itself.Thus one could witness groups of four to five people cuddled up in a room meant for only one person.Sometimes hunger would strike at the stroke of midnight and we had to satisfy it by going out to the tea shop near IIT and drinking hot tea in the middle of the night.

The next ordeal was taking printouts of the report.This would happen an hour before the review starts.Star Xerox at saidapet was the ideal alternative to the always-crowded xerox centres inside the campus,where customer service is a mere myth.

One group had been so complacent till the day of the review that they were at their wits end to finish the report.With some help from other guys,they managed to successfully clear the review.This group tackled the orals in a different meaning.One question put forward was "Why did you choose Lean manufacturing as your project title?and why did you do it at ICF??"Pat came a "creative" response from one guy,"Sir,Lalu Prasad yadav has planned to increase the production capacity of ICF.He quoted that in the recent budget.By doing this project we will be indirectly helping Lalu Yadav achieve this goal."Such response can be considered provocative to a lecturer who expects no-nonsense stuff and in the end the group found itself struggling to find it feet after it was awarded a mere 70%.This was during the first review.

The above group went through an ordeal in preparing the final report.At the DTP centre,one of the guys in the group was so desperate to take the prints that he did not bother to include page numbers,which were supposed to be necessary.He coolly said "That's not a problem.We'll write them with pen" for which he got a drubbing from his fellow projectmate who then added page numbers.Just when they thought everything was fine,they realised they had forgotten to include the Abstract in Tamil.The same guy suggested "It's OK.We'll get some other group's tamil abstract and photocopy it.The lecturer is a golti and he wont find out."Again he received the same drubbing.Then the certificate from the company.They had to spend about a week before they could finally get the certificate signed by their co-ordinator in ICF.In the meantime they made frequent trips to the lecturer's room to ask for permission to extend the due date of submission.After a lot of coaxing,the request was acceded to.

Overall it was an exciting endeavour and the project work was a fascinating thing.One gets to learn life's most important lessons when one procrastinates till the due date and finally sits overnight to complete the work,sacrificing sleep,food,drinks etc.
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