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Friday, June 23, 2006
"A man once boarded a Chennai-bound bus at Madurai and told his co-passenger to wake him up at Srirangam and fell asleep.The other passenger had to endure 3 hours,staying awake till Srirangam and once the bus touched Srirangam,he woke his sleeping partner.The other passenger awoke,shouted at the top of his voice "Sriranganaathaaaaaaaaaa" and went back to sleep.The other passenger was obviously annoyed."

A similar incident happened to me this evening.I boarded a Chennai Central-bound suburban train at Avadi station(I'm not going to annoy you further by writing about why I went to such a distant place in the suburbs.Just read on).I got into a half-empty coach and headed straight to what seemed like an unoccupied seat,only to find it occupied by a middle aged man lying down comfortably having all three seats in the row to himself.I sat opposite to him and he asked me suddenly "Sir,enga poreenga?(Sir,Where are you going?)". "Central ",I replied."Appo Basin Bridge-la ezhuppunga enna.(In that case wake me up at Basin Bridge").I agreed to do so.

The EMU train rambled along.Annanur,Tirumullavoyal,Ambattur.....suddenly the man woke with a start."Sir enna station sir?(Sir,which station,sir?)". "Ambattur",I replied and assured him that I would wake him at Basin Bridge.

The train went on.Pattaravakkam,Korattur,Villivakkam.....damn!The man had woken up again.He hurriedly put on his slippers and asked me "Basin Bridge-aa,sir?" in the same tone as he had asked in Ambattur.I said no and he told me to wake him up at Basin Bridge once again and went off to sleep.

In all probability,the man would next wake up at Perambur and ask the same question.Thankfully he didnt budge at Perambur Loco works,at Perambur Carriage works and at Perambur too,but he suddenly woke up on the way to Vyasarpadi.This was expected for the Chennai-Mangalore West Coast Express was moving in the neighbouring line towards Central and a shrill whistle from its engine had completely revived this guy from his seemingly deep slumber.As if he was sleeping for the past eight hours he stretched his body in an effort to activate his muscles.

He went over to the door,with slippers not in his feet but in his hands and hung in there till Basin Bridge,where he finally got down.The rest is history.The train chugged lazily into Central,I got down,boarded a so-called deluxe bus, that seemed to be "one cut" above the rest,to reach home.

P.S:In case you are wondering what the first part of the title means,it's the technical term used for the electric trains in Chennai.The trains here are called 9-CAR rakes,6-car rakes etc depending upon the number of coaches(which are not cars) they have.Hope you would have had a satisfying journey from Avadi to Chennai Central.
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