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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
These two words struck me the first thing in the morning when I picked up my copy of The Economic Slimes from my doorstep.It is normally believed that to ensure a joyous,buoyant day ahead,begin the day on a happy note.As it was the opposite case here,it goes without saying that my day turned out to be rather bad.

Topping the agenda for today was a trip to Hyundai car plant at Irungattukottai,to apply for a 2 week internship.After waiting in the visitors' room for about half an hour,a lady from the HR department spoke to me over the phone.She said that to undergo internship I must have some referrals,which I did not have,unfortunately.I was sent back and when I reached home in the afternoon after a tiresome 3 hour journey by three buses,I realised that all this was an exercise in futility.

After reading mafiadon's notification about the arrival of this book,I set off to Odyssey to buy it.Another attempt at story telling by an IIT student,after Five Point Someone(which has become a best seller).The difference between this and FPS is that while the latter was written by a graduate,the former's by a final year student.It costs just 100 bucks,so check it out.
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