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Friday, July 07, 2006
Now this is not going to be a review or spoof of the movie "Pudupettai".Instead this post is about the Students Union elections that were held today.The contenders for the post of President,Vice President and Cultural Secretary from each of the two "camps" had been decided by the end of our third year itself and efforts were on in full swing right from the month of February itself.Such efforts had finally culminated with what is called a narrow victory for M.S.V's gang.

The procedure for selection of the President takes place as follows:Two eligible candidates would be picked by the students themselves,on the basis of overall reputation in campus and a host of other factos, during the start of the third year.These two students would then form gangs for themselves.The representatives of the 42 classes,14 from each of the three batches(2nd,3rd and 4th years),would vote for one of the two candidates.Thus campaigning would involve interacting with as many reps as possible from the 42.By the start of the final year,each of the two camps would have a good number of students in their gangs.But not everyone gets into the gangs.Some would stay neutral, but still watch the happenings and later blog about them.

This time it was M.S.V(short for M.S Vigneshwaran)of mechanical engg pitted against Praveen of ECE.M.S.V was the hot favourite.The preparatory work for this day had started from february itself.Everything was fine till wednesday when the Dean suddenly announced that only toppers of each class are eligible to be the class-representatives.This forced a sudden modification of strategies and it suddenly seemed that all the efforts, that had been invested during the past 4 months just to draw in 25 of the 42 people to M.S.V's side,seemed to go waste.However M.S.V and co. were quick to chart a new strategy in a single day and got 24 of the reps in M.S.V's favour.The final result--M.S.V had won.The victory was predictable since M.S's comrades managed to draw 10 second year reps and 10 final year reps to his side.

Though I preferred not to take sides,I still favoured M.S.V. for if he won,he would be the first guy from mechanical occupying the throne of union president.The post had belonged to ECE and CSE guys only,during the past three years.Also he becomes the first day-ski(short for day scholar) student to occupy the post.

The best points about the campaign were that the first year reps were given a huge treat at Ascendas(I too was there,but my role was only that of a bike-lender) to lure them into M.S.V's camp.And gang members would be subjected to occasional parties like this in the near future.The worst part is that guys who used to be good,thick friends during the first and second years had to part ways and it pained me greatly to see a Madurai lad,who in the melee of his merry-making after the results were announced,smirking at a guy who had helped him clear arrears,just because he belonged to the opposite camp.Such disparities do occur and one cannot expect more from a Government college.

The Zeitgeist has a wonderful write-up on this topic.He wrote it a year ago and it makes worthy reading even today.My point is that such groupisms and rival gangs do not justify the concept of "Students Union".It should be a union of the students,for the students and by the students.There should be total involvement in the union's activities.This would go a long way in raising the standards of the students and that of the institution too.[Sagaro,your idea of AU being ripped apart will not work for another 10 years.No matter what incident,however ugly it might be,happens in the campus,no matter what rules the VC imposes on us however stringent,ridiculous and stupid they may be,no matter how much the visual media and bloggers like you try to expose the weaker side of the institution,MoUs still happen,placements still happen and there has been no impedance to students aspiring to go abroad for further studies.If you still want to rip it apart,wait for 10 years.Till then your efforts will be of no avail]
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