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Monday, June 26, 2006
I wouldnt be doing justice to Blogsville if I dont mention a word or two about the bloggers' meet that happened on June 24 at Ascendas High court err.....Food court at Taramani.About 25 people attended and it was total fun.However owing to long term memory loss,I dont have the details.Still check out these(the blogs and the respective owners too):King,GAPP,Hamdamn,Dryad,Princess ,Freak and Rustic Mystic.The others,sorry if I havent mentioned your names.You are at liberty to sue me in Dilbert Zone(that is better known as Comments section).Sequel to the meet,female bloggers' blogs have been registering hits of more than 100 per day and some male bloggers have seen a dip in hits.
An international edition of Reader's Digest has rated Mumbai as one of the rudest cities of the world.Now this comes as a shock to most Indians but many others seem to agree with the survey as it has come about at a time when electric trains keep getting crowded,the stock market keeps crashing every single day,the metro rail project has been inaugurated,when Rahul Mahajan got convicted for drug abuse and when this blogger moved to Mumbai.

One thing is for sure,the surveyor,or the representative from the consulting firm that carried out the survey,must be a multi-linguistic person.It so happened that a girl had brought her pet dog,Randy,for a walk along Marine Drive and Randy could not stand a billboard that carried a picture of a shirt-less Salman Khan.It released itself from the girl's hands and scurried away and then the girl ran behind her dog shouting "My Randy,My Randy".The surveyor turned up at that opportune moment.And thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

Another incident happened when the surveyor was travelling in an electric train and a co-passenger happened to be talking to someone over his cellphone.Unfortunately the signal was lost when the train crossed a signal and he had to shout "Hotha,hotha..." at the top of his voice for the person at the other end to hear properly.The surveyor happened to hear him and thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

This surveyor then happened to visit the Gateway of India with a friend from Andhra.At that moment a guy from Jharkhand, who had a face that resembled Arjun Munda and hairstyle that resembled M.S.Dhoni's,stood on the parapet wall facing the sea.A patrol policeman then motioned to the guy "Hey Jharkhandi,Hatt.Hey Jharkhandi,hey Jharkhandi."The surveyor's friend happened to be standing close to the Jharkhand guy and thought that the policeman wanted HER to move away from that place.She had mistaken Jharkhandi for Jeragandi and reported this to the surveyor.Thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

The surveyor was even more appalled to find an old man calling his grandson "Visuru,visuru",on a hot summer day.And it was a few moments before that the surveyor had watched the movie "Thenali"and she mistook the term Visuru.Old people dont have sense in this city,the surveyor thought and thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

In another incident,a poor lad from Tamilnadu was taken away by the police on account of eve teasing when he muttered something to a girl at a bus-stop and when the girl asked him to repeat it,he said "chumma".These guys dont have any decency,the girl said to the surveyor and thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

One blogger highlights all good about Mumbai and another tries his level best to bring out some virtual incidents to justify the survey.Finally Mumbai is not such a bad place after all.
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