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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
The problem of accomodation has become a serious issue in big cities,given the rising land prices and the mushrooming of software firms.The latter is the foremost reason why most house-owners rent out a house for an amount as high as 5000 rupees per month,an amount that would not be commensurate with the size of the house,in most places.

The same problem has struck CEG.Two new branches have been introduced in the college without prior consideration for the lack of infrastructure in campus.Classes for the freshers have begun but some first years are yet to be accomodated in the hostels available.When asked for an explanation,the VC coolly remarked on the orientation day "Some of you sleep in the verandahs.In our college days,we used to live a hard life.Why can't you?",asked the VC looking at a boy sitting in the front row.The poor boy could do nothing except give a half-hearted nod.

Currently the proposal has been to accomodate 6 people in a single room.Normally there will be only 4.However this proposal has been welcomed by the parents and students alike(what else could they do).

Then the VC recently made a mention of the overwhelming placement scenario in the campus.He cited a reason for this as "Reduction in the use of mobile phones."Surely he is very much obsessed with banning cellphones that he cites them as a reason wherever and whenever possible,even if the Agni missile crashes into CEG campus.But a reality check presents a different picture.It's only that companies coming for recruitment come in with a plan of increased headcount.Students continued to use cellphones even while preparing for their respective D-days.

Alaphia once wrote about the Fading glory of Anna University,given the imposition of stringent regulations and after NDTV jumped into the fray to discuss why Chennai was "conservative".The present reality is that students continue to use cellphones,but with an element of caution.After all,rules are framed to be broken.
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