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Monday, March 26, 2007
Each time I get a tag, I keep saying to myself "No more tags". But since famous bloggers like Mathematician come up with interesting topics for tags, I'm tempted to take it.

This time it's "Ten things I hate about my college". Here goes:

1) The ban on cellphones which we proudly violate (at our own risk). I hate it more when I hear reports about how five boys were caught by the VC at the gate, carrying cellphones, at 11:30 in the night.

2) The grey TATA Safari and a Rewa patrol vehicle that do "rounds" inside the campus. Worst is when some arbitrary students are caught and questioned for possessing cellphone.

3) The unergonomic timetable which has been designed in such a way all subjects are handled in two-hour sessions.I call it unergonomic as it puts students to sleep within 10 mins of start of the class

4) The professors who epitomise punctuality by being just in time for their respective classes thereby ensuring that two-hour classes last exactly or greater than 120 minutes.

5) The rules, one of which says "Two wheelers are not allowed inside the campus". It's not the rule that irks me but the dumb estate officer who has made it a point to seal all prospective entry points and paths (even shrubbed pathways) with thorny branches.

6) The disadvantage back-benchers are always at-- giving in to the professors' lullabies no matter how hard they try to stay awake by just scribbling something in their notepads.

7) The associate warden of the hostels who repeatedly issues warnings, after some trivial incident that involves the theft of "vital" items like ball point pens, to day scholars about entering hostel blocks. And we flout them at our own risk

8) The ground whose cricket pitches are never empty thanks to TNCA league matches

9) The staff parking lot which is meant for parking of staff members' vehicles.Unfortunately it remains mostly empty since most staff members come to college by bus.

10) The canteen--it's not the food that I hate but the queues at the cash counter.

I tag everyone who reads this post (except Mathematician and Chaos Master who've already taken it)


Property of Sheks @ 2:13 pm  
  • At 7:51 pm, Blogger Ramya said…

    I'm the soul who tagged the 2, so I am to be exempted too!
    Never knew u hated your college ! It sure does sound on an equal plane as mine !

  • At 12:16 pm, Blogger fun2fun said…

    Goodness, unga coll liye ivalo rules a?? dinno..

  • At 6:13 pm, Blogger Ramanujam said…

    Rounds in anna univ!
    Good...Never heard of that...

    Thought you(sincere CEG guy) would not bitch about your collge but you have done it in a polished manner.

  • At 9:33 pm, Blogger Sheks said…

    You're right,we may be on the same plane but the intensity with which we're affected varies.

  • At 9:36 pm, Blogger Sheks said…

    ask me,will tell you more.

    The rounds happen mostly in the evenings after 4:30.And the Tata Safari is the VC's car.

    And you're totally mistaken about the sincere part.What makes you say(or rather who told you)I'm a sincere fellow?

  • At 9:46 pm, Blogger s_h_r_u_t_i said…

    i'm from the same college so it doesnt count :) not that there arent other things to crib about, but i dont want to go around depressing myself.. lol

    and patrol vehicles? they dont come the sap side at any rate! never seen em!

  • At 11:30 pm, Blogger Sheks said…

    not vehicles but VEHICLE.only is parked at an obscure location near the mechanical engg dept and comes out at obscure times of the day(mostly after 6 o clock in the evening)

  • At 12:13 pm, Anonymous savita said…

    rules are made to be its fine as far as v find ways to brk them :D n manage to use our fones

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