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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
This happened yesterday.In the heart of chennai.I got fully drenched for the first time in about 10 years in the rain that has been rocking chennai for 2 days. It was machine design class.I was peering into the complex figures in the design tables book when suddenly, BANG!It was the classroom window.First came the storm and then the rain accompanied by a nasty smell.Then i realised that a low pressure had occurred in the sea and that it had shifted inland into cooum!
The real incident started like this.The ECE guys planned to go to Sathyam to watch Elektra.I too decided to go with them since my lab session was cancelled for that afternoon.I first decided to go to British Council Library to return 2 overdue books.After this,I planned to join them in sathyam.
I set off for BCL frm college in my splendor.The weather was fine but the moment i reached nandanam signal,it began to drizzle."There won't be a major downpour.It'll only drizzle",I thought.But that was not to be.The moment the wheels of my bike touched mount road,the rain had turned heavy.I could not find any place to take shelter.Worse,I could not see the road ahead.The raindrops were hitting me as if somebody was shooting needles on me.I decided to take a U-turn @ the next signal near SIET.But right @ the centre of the road was a board which said "NO U TURN".I rambled along and reached teynampet.I looked around.There was no cop nearby.I suddenly led my vehicle to the centre of the road and joined the stream of vehicles coming in from Pondy Bazaar.I had successfully U-turned.By this time I was fully drenched.I dropped all plans of going to BCL or sathyam.
I went along and reached the SIET signal.It was red so i took a left turn to cenatoph road.I had gone just a few yards into the road when a yellow gleaming barricade greeted me with the words "TAKE DIVERSION TO KOTTURPURAM".Damn it!I turned left and since i didnt know the way there,I tailed a Lancer that seemed to be going to kotturpuram.Soon I reached another signal but it turned out to be the signal near Park sheraton.Once again no U-turn possible so i went straight.I reached a familiarly unfamiliar place.Ten metres ahead on top was a board that read "ADYAR" with an arrow pointing right.I took that path and within no time I arrived at adyar bridge.I reached tiruvanmiyur in five minutes.While I was taking a right turn i nto ECR my bike began to sputter.I looked back and saw that the road had become a puddle.Water had made its way into the silencer.With much effort I reached home successfully but fully drenched.
I took out the contents from my bag one by one.Thankfully none of the books had become wet.Only slightly damp!
The best thing is that my jeans which had remained unwashed since purchase had got a natural wash.Later ECE prabu rang me up to tell me that the movie programme was cancelled.The other thing I enjoyed was obviously the rain itself.Even now I'm enjoying the rain amidst the 2 books for which the fine amount now stands at 16 bucks!
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