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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
He was shopping for shaving accessories in the department store,when a gleam of light struck his face suddenly.It was not a gleam but the face of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.He just couldnt take his eyes off her.She was picking some biscuits while he stood watching her from the corner of his eye.The girl suddenly turned and looked at him.It took him a moment to drive away the butterflies that had entered his stomach.He then picked up the nearest object in the rack nearby.The girl smiled at him.He was bowled over by her smile.What a smile that was!But wait.Why was she smiling at him?For once he saw the object in his hand.He had picked a pack of Johnson's baby soap.Now he couldnt resist grinning at himself.He again looked up to find the girl leaving the store but not before letting out that pretty smile at him.

He now lies on his bed,his mind full of that smile.He cannot concentrate on his work right now.Will he ever see the angel again?
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