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Monday, December 12, 2005
a recent conversation between me and my dad.

Dad--so how's ur internship going?
Me---Not internship.industrial training.going well.
D----How did u go to the plant today?
D---How far?
D---How 35kms?
M---adyar to broadway,15kms.b'way to ennore,20.
D----at what time did u start?
M---630 am.reached at 815 am.
D----How was it possible for you to negotiate the battered road?
M---It was bumpy but what to do.being in chennai i've to get used to such things,na.
D----Is ur vehicle in good condition now?
M----Of course.Why are you suddenly asking?
D----It must have got worn out in some spare parts.If there's any problem call mechanic tirumalai.And see to it that the petrol tank is always full.
M---I cant understand what you are saying.My vehicle is in tip-top condition(like never before).Why are you telling me to service it again?
D---Long distance.Bumpy roads.I advise u better go by public transport.
M---of course I'm going by public transport.
D----But you said vandi(vehicle)in the first place.
M----Oh that!I meant bus route no. 1-D and not our two wheeler.

My dad had a hearty laugh after this which lasted 2 mins 23 seconds 89 microseconds.
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