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Saturday, December 03, 2005
I did a mini research about my name.I was christened Chandrasekhar at birth but that unofficially became Sekhar.It may take ages before I revert to my former name but this present name is like a "laghukatha"(short story)which I learnt in 10th std hindi.The story may be short but there's a great deal of info hidden in it.My name's no exception.

Most people add their birthplaces to their names or append it later as in "guduvancheri govindasamy","tambaram thaandavarayan","dumeelkuppan vavvaal"etc.My name has a place's name embedded in it.seKHAR.Khar is a suburban town near mumbai(analogous to tambaram for chennai).But I'm not from mumbai.

Though I've made that last statement,evidences of being a mumbai guy come to light when u pronounce my name as it falls on the lines of tendulkar,agarkar,manjrekar,gavaskar,kanitkar etc.

The first part of my former name suggests I must be from the moon.Neither am i from the moon nor do I possess a face as bright as the moon.

I share my name with many famous chaps like shekhar suman,s.v.shekhar,shekhar gupta(editor of indian express)and probably the best,Dileep Shekhar(who's better known as A.r.Rahman).

24 more days to go for that fateful day two days before which Christ was born and one day before which the sea met land.The next day---guess what happened??
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