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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
South India's most awaited cultural fest has begun and is going great guns.I wanted to take part in something intellectual this time.Last year I confined myself to the informal events only.

After a gruelling one hour test on "Principles of Management",I headed straight to the ECE department where six guys were waiting for me.Off we went to the opposite campus.I teamed up with an expert for the biz quiz only to end up getting 6 out of 25 questions right.Then came the India quiz in which I could manage only a nought.Spent the rest of the day cracking the daily crossword and quiz and bird-watching.I couldnt get tickets for the choreography show at night and so i'm presently vetti @ home,blogging.

That one moment.It was like a dream-come-true.The angel(not the girl I saw in the supermarket), whom I'd been waiting to get a better glimpse of,appeared from what seemed like thin air.Had a good look at her face,staring for so long that her face is literally recorded in my memory.

Awaiting day-2,amidst pending project reports,seminars and preparation for internal exams.

(To be continued)
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