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Friday, January 27, 2006
Encounters with the opposite sex.This could be the phrase to describe yesterday's experience.I'll come to this in a later part of the post.

There were no quizzes scheduled for yesterday and the only contest that seemed appealing was Crossie,scheduled for 3 pm.A couple of friends had agreed to join me sometime before 3 but there was no sign of them even after 330 and so I missed the contest in the process and set about searching for the two guys in the crowds.I was so intent on meeting them because they had agreed to get me a ticket to the light-music show scheduled for that night.I committed the greatest possibe blunder in not getting a ticket a week before the show and now I was so desperate to get one at the eleventh hour.I kept circling the section outside the Science block with an expression that would well qualify for the title of "tiruvizhaa-la kaaNaama pona pulla".The absence of a mobile phone only added to the woes.

At around 530,people began lining up outside the arena,where the show was to be staged.Another friend had joined me by then and we both went around trying to catch any IIT student,expecting to get a ticket or two from him.The ultimate did happen and I considered myself lucky enough to spot the guy at the help-desk meddling with what seemed like a ticket bundle.I immediately got myself a ticket and joined the queue where I met suderman.

Now for the best(or rather,worst)part.The aesthetically dressed girls were no longer a feast for the eyes,that evening.And if you find a seat in some damned corner of the gallery near the entrance,you gotta get up from your place umpteen times and after sometime you will notice that your pant has a big hole at the back.

I had to make way for people who were going up the gallery in which process some girls treaded on my poor hand.Thank god there were no high-heels!It would have been even worse if their footwear had traces of bullshit.Yuck!

I had suddenly become wild that day.I couldnt control myself seeing all those around me dance.And it was only during those complex dance movements that some girl yells "Excuse me please" and I'd be forced to make way for her.

And there was this girl who left her place during shankar's "breathless" song only to return later with a glass of cooldrink,when "It's the time to disco" was on.And a guy standing behind me did a step with his leg that some cooldrink spilt on the girl and some on my shirt.I could do nothing except stand and watch the two arguing over whose fault it was.

By 930 I was sweating like anything.It was then,that I shook my hair vigorously that some sweat fell on a girl who was trying to make her way out.She passed me with a nasty look on her face,wiping the water off her arm.To top it all she was wearing a sleeveless top.I didnt know what happened in the next 10 minutes when suddenly I caught sight of her looking at me from the other side of the entrance,pointing her third finger at me.

Finally there was this poor girl who had just enough time to prevent her short-top from slipping,that she could not dance.

It was all over at 10pm.I expected to go home with curses,like how I did last year.But I could not spot him in the crowd as I was lost in thought about the bottle he gave me before the show.Is there any mystery in it??
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