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Thursday, March 02, 2006
A fairness cream for men does not seem like an intriguing product and any guy who uses this product might be doing so for many reasons,one of them being lack of self-esteem and another,lack of girlfriends.Little does he know that he's using an injurious product.

Initially targeted at women,fairness creams have been responsible for creating a sense of "Fair is beautiful" in the minds of women.Most of the FC ads show a dark-complexioned bride getting rejected by her would-be.She then uses an FC and later gets wedded to the same guy who ditched her during the engagement.The impression these ads generated was that if a girl is not fair,she will not get married.This led to a number of suicides among women and the government set up suicide-control bureaus which were headed by Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy but this didnt change things either.The number of suicides only increased tenfold.

The actual product is a blend of chemicals that harm your skin.They might even burn your skin to a greater extent that a soodukottai.You may become one Shahrukh Khan or Madhavan or even Laloo Prasad Yadav but only at a later stage you would realise the worst consequences.

What then should guys do to be fair?To be handsome?To be heart-throbs?To be chic-magnets?Firstly have a good shave periodically.For those,for whom beard grows faster than the release of a Microsoft software,you have no other option except shave once in two days.Secondly and most importantly,talk(I should not be the one who must advise other people to talk,but sometimes laconic attitude does help).Shun these fairness creams.Thirdly,smell good.AXE is the ideal choice.

Disclaimer:The contents mentioned in this post are,in no way,meant to bring down the sales of F&H.There are a lot of aspiring chic-magnets out there who will buy the product.
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