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Thursday, February 16, 2006
"The news may not be good but the news readers are."--my comment to a special blogger's(whose name I wont be revealing for privacy reasons) post.

"But you must not forget that most news readers have school-going kids"---the special blogger's response.

My question is what's wrong in just admiring somebody.It has become habitual for guys to be regarded "cheap" or "pervert" if he admires a girl.I'm no exception to this and I too have been rated with such terms,not in the blogworld but in the real world.And the people who rated me are a few girls in college who feel that Krishnamachari Srikkanth is hot or that Kunal Kapoor is the best guy in the country.

A word of advice to those girls who rate guys--Think again.We dont rate you if you admire Madhavan,Hrithik or Sachin Tendulkar,who have got school-going kids.And you spend a whole day boozing when Hrithik Roshan or Krishnamachari Srikanth announces that he's got engaged.Stop this nonsense!

And a piece of gyan to guys who admire---there's nothing wrong in it.Almost everyone does that during the age range of 15 to 25 years.But stick to your limits.You'll be in big trouble if you cross the line.

P.S--"Girls" as mentioned here does not include that special blogger.And in case any of you need to know who that special blogger is,find out for yourself.A clue:she's not in my blogroll.
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