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Monday, February 20, 2006
I'nfina------ l ly bac kfr om m y3- da y trip to ..?coimtore.

Err..The above phrase must read "I'm finally back from my 3-day trip to coimbatore."The typo errors resulted because I'm yet to recover from the overnight hangover that occurred because of the 10-hour long travel by booze err....bus.A lot of things happened during this trip but I'm not in a mood to write a long,monotonous,insipid post which carries details like where I went,what I bought,which girl smiled at me etc.

I accompanied 6 other people--John,Praveen,Dheepan,Gopal,Arun and Divya,belonging to the Manufacturing Engg dept.These people were successful in amassing a cash prize of Rs.20000 which came from paper-presentations and component designs.I couldnt win even a penny as I did not take part in most of the events and the reason I didnt take part was that I hadnt prepared for those events.I managed to come 3rd along with John and Praveen in the Interdisciplinary quiz,but there were no cash prizes for that either.

I caught up with a few of my old friends on Saturday.I was to meet only one guy initially,but later he took me to another guy's house where there were 3 others and all of us headed to yet another fellow's house where there were 5 other guys.And as quoted in the previous post,I did meet those damsels.

Now that I've specified the title as "Learning Experience",what exactly did I learn?

**Coimbatore hadnt changed much ever since I bid adieu to it in 2001.
**Water shortage is an abstruse concept there.
**Water does not flow from taps but gushes out.
**One never feels thirsty even if the sun's right on top of your head.
**Public transport in the city is operated by both public and private sectors.
**All private city buses and government mofussil buses are equipped with DVD players.
**There are damsels in coimbatore too.
**Girls in the city are very much outgoing.They make reticent guys feel at ease.
**The Students Union at PSG is a single body and there are no sects.
**Who said only MTC buses are menacing on roads?Cbe buses are killers!

I cant wait to witness the next best thing that happens in coimbatore.
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