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Friday, March 03, 2006
"Paritrana",a party formed by IIT alumni is finally here.It's going to contest the assembly polls in the TamilNadu and Kerala.And this group consisting of young blood claims to be different from other political parties in that it doesn't believe in gerontocracy.Read the report here.

Seems like the nation's in for good times ahead.

Update:Vaiko, the president of MDMK,who was recently seen vacillating on the issue of alliances for the forthcoming assembly elections in TN,has,in what seemed like an unprecendented move,allied with Amma.Read the report here.This is a heavy blow to the DPA(Democratic "Progressive" Alliance)which is currently campaigning in Trichy.

The odds have begun shifting towards AIADMK and it remains to be seen if the Saviour of India,Captain Vijaykanth, too allies or goes it alone in the polls.
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