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Sunday, April 02, 2006
Seems like the debate on Bangalore never seems to come to a conclusion.The million-dollar question of all news channels seems to be "Has Bangalore lost its glory?"After NDTV it was the turn of CNN-IBN to come up with a discussion featuring eminent personalities from Bangalore.Today's episode of "State of Bangalore" featured Anil Kumble,Ramchandra Guha,Ramesh Ramanathan,U R Ananthamurthy and the CM Kumaraswamy with Rajdeep Sardesai as the moderator.

"Infrastructure" was the buzzword of this one-hour talk show.Time and again this word kept popping out from the mouths of most of the speakers(except Kumble,who held the view that Bangalore is a nice place because he was wearing a jacket in the month of april itself).The session was also touched up with a lot of polls which,as usual,showed unjustifiable percentage figures.

Now my question is "Why Bangalore only?"Other cities in the country too face problems.It's worth discussing the condition of all Indian cities rather than only one.At the same time,special focus on one particular city helps identify problems in that city to a greater extent than a general discussion.For instance,"designing rapid transit systems" would apply to Bangalore or Hyderabad but not to the top four metros.Rather,extending suburban train systems would explicitly apply to Chennai and Mumbai.

The amount of investments flowing into a city,the city's contribution to the country's GDP etc are no appropriate means to measure a city's potential.The final verdict is that no Indian city is perfect and discussion sessions like this would be of some benefit to bring out the problems in the city.We can have State of Mumbai,State of Delhi etc every month.Of course any layperson would immediately respond Maharashtra,Delhi,etc to such questions but indha mathiri nakkala bathil solravangala Praveen blog-kko illa Magix blog-kko illa Neha blog-kko anuppi vechiruvaen.

The programme is telecast on Saturday and Sunday nights on CNN-IBN.
Yet another journey comes to an end.I've completed 3 years of college.And time's moved so fast that it seems to me as if I joined college only yesterday.With the semester exam starting this monday,I'm waiting to bear the brunt of procrastination.I'm yet to learn from past mistakes.God save me!Any prayer sessions,magix?
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