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Monday, March 13, 2006
Getting into an internationally reputed 200-year old engg. college implies that you have to often face guest lectures from persons,paying a casual visit to the college, who are better known as alumni.Such lectures are also a good chance to capitalise on for a good nap,courtesy the airconditioned seminar hall,cosy chair at the far corner of the room and the speaker's voice which is more of a lullaby.

Today was no different.A monk from Bhakti Vendanta Institute gave a lecture today on Consciousness in Science,a peculiar topic that finally boiled down to "Ellaam Maayai".He spoke at length about how most scientists lose their eyesight trying to discover particles called electrons that are smaller than a Saravana Bhavan idli.

Now the whole concept of Quantum physics sounds very weird.It all started when one scientist noticed bubbles in his water bottle and called them "molecules",not wanting to use the cliched term,bubbles.Another one examined a bubble with a magnifying glass and on noticing a small speck of dirt on the lens,swaying front and forth,called it atom.Thus was born the weird concept of quantum physics.

This atom was also not spared.Out of this atom were born,nucleus,protons,neutrons and electrons all of which were noticed by various scientists in their dreams(probably).While one scientist concluded that electrons revolve around the nucleus like a group of youngsters in Alanganallur trying to tame a bull,yet another stated that electrons flow and this is what produces electricity.

When one thought this was all,some new physicists leapt into the mainstream for want of fame,and came up with leptons,baryons and kryptons.Well,we've deviated from the original topic quite far.In all guest lectures can be exciting depending upon the speaker.An aniticipatedly dull one may turn out to be intriguing and vice versa.But it's always a chance to have a good sleep gievn the fact that you dont sleep well in the class.
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