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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
The last two weeks were damn hectic.In an effort to prepare the hard copy of my project work,I spent five sleepless nights in the college hostel.One final review,that's better called viva voce, due this Friday and it will be all over for this semester.

It's worth describing hostel block 5.This building is situated deep inside the campus in a semi-jungle.The inmates who are allotted this block seem to have a passion for cricket.Every batch that gets accomodated here consists of cricket-crazy guys and it's a coincidence that this happens every year.Cricket is played everywhere in and around this block.While playing inside,tubelights and bulbs get broken and it takes the management about a year and a half to replace it.In the meantime the entire block would be in darkness and it would easily pass off for a night-club for any passer-by.The only source of light is that from the rooms.

It's one guy per room but sometimes a room that's smaller than a Saravana Bhavan idli fits upto four or five guys,who prefer to stay with their gals err... pals rather than alone.Deer,rats,mongooses and snakes thrive around this building.It's a common sight to see mongooses and beavers suddenly darting past the block after dusk.

There's not much that can be said about this murky,dark,old "haunted mansion" and so I conclude here.
Sachin falters in the first innings of his so-called landmark test match and that too at his home ground.Gets booed by the people of his own city who have now offset their support towards Sourav.But the BCCI's hostile to him as usual.Munaf Patel gets a green signal in place of a talented Zaheer Khan.Ellam Pawar-play.
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