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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Scene at Sathyam Cineplex.The atmosphere was like any other day.There was the usual crowd movement.Everything seemed fine until the manager received a call after which he put on a tense face.

Elsewhere in Egmore,the police commissioner's office was buzzing with activity.Commissioner Aaruchaamy and Assistant Commissioner Anbuchelvan where giving some kind of instructions to men dressed in blue.

"We can't barge in.The audience will get tensed.Whatever we do,we must not disturb the audience",said Aaruchaamy.

"Yes.We must first look into those places where there are no crowds.",Anbuchelvan was heard saying.

"Let's go."Said the commissioner and off sped,some Mahindra jeeps,some Willys jeeps,Some Toyota SUVs,some blue coloured buses and some Bullet bikes.

Scene shifts to Sathyam.The manager watched with tension-filled eyes,the sight of the crowds coming in and going out."When's the squad coming?",he wondered to himself as he set off a little prayer.

Inside the theatre,a man was seen holding a peculiar object.He was moving the object over cool-drink dispensers,popcorn packets,refrigerators,compressors etc.The same was happening everywhere.

After a few minutes a crowd began to come out of Sathyam screen.Two men,each holding that peculiar object went in and came out after 10 minutes."All Clear",said the two to the asst.commissioner.

After five minutes,a crowd came out of Santham after watching KANK.The same two men with the peculiar object went in after the last person in the crowd came out muttering to himself "Karan Johar's given a skunk this time."Once again,the same two men came out and said "All clear."

This process was repeated in the other four screens too within a gap of 45 minutes.In the meantime,some sniffer dogs had arrived.They were about to go into the multiplex,when Harish,who had for long been watching the entire goings-on with utmost curiosity,asked them "What is this for?".

Pat came the reply from one of the officers "We will surely defuse it before it explodes."

"Defuse what?",asked Harish.

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