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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
One of the many quality improvement techniques given by Japan to the world is KAIZEN.KAI means change and ZEN means good.But the two coupled together mean "Change for the Better."

KAIZEN cannot be applied blatantly.Rather it consists of making small improvements in processes.Each of these small changes in turn contribute to a bigger change.This concept is very popular in manufacturing industries like TVS but it can be applied anywhere,even to your study room.

The Japanese have been rigorously applying this technique in their industries.Small,marginal improvements are made to processes,operations,equipment,plant etc over a period of time and after a certain instant,the process by way of these changes produces an innovation.US industries on the other hand tend to ignore the concept of minute improvements and instead tend to surge to innovation.Indian industries stand between these two.

Each improvement corrects deviations but new deviations and errors creep in with each improvement.Hence the next kaizen would normally involve eliminating such defects.Therefore,KAIZEN is a continuous improvement process.

Each post right from post no.1 has had a number of major defects.Sorting and rectifying them was an onerous task initially,but later with the passage of time the number of nonconformities came down but never touched zero.On some occasions,the number of nonconformities touched a peak depending upon the number of hits per day,number of comments and the number of anonymous people who advertised "Great deals" for my family.Still the journey continued and touched 150 milestones which in other words can be called 150 posts.

No great achievement,this.I still have a long way to go before I can establish myself as a blogger.The KAIZEN journey continues.
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