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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Owing to (un)popular demand from Chennai's best blogger and to a host of other reasons most of which are political, I'm forced to delete the previous post. In place,is a tag from the greatest fan(atic) of A.R.Rahman.

I'm thinking about:the babe who stared at me
I said (say):"Machan ,everything will turn out fine"
I wish: there were no programming languages like C
I hear: with my ears
I wonder: why C language is more obscure than GRE
I am:the successor to N.R.Narayanamurthy(in my dreams)
I dance(d): in the university hostel
I sing: in the bathroom
I cry: "foul" while playing soccer
I'm always: in a hurry
I make with my hands: paper rockets
I write: posts in blogspot and scraps in orkut
I get confused: often
I need: a loan of one lakh rupees.

And this tag goes to
Poison Ivy,
Harsha Bhogle fan,
App(u) master,
Rustic and
Chennai's best blogger.
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