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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Burma Bazaar.The place has a deep-rooted history in the legacy of Chennai city.The place was once called and still referred to,by many,as First Line Beach.The name Burma Bazaar came into being when Burma Paruppusatti,who was one of the many voyagers who accompanied Vasco-da-gama on his journeys,landed in the southern coast of India and thought that he had landed in Burma.

Paruppusatti unloaded all the goods,he had in his ship and along with the local people like All-in-all Alukkuraj,Chellakutti,Varadhukutti,Kandasamy Mavan and Munnsaamy mavan,set up a market for trading his stuff,that included a wide variety of goods ranging from 10-day old idlis to one-month old vadais and a host of other food items that lasted for a record period of more than a year,without being infested by pests.

Electronic goods-trading began in the late 20th century when Pager Charles set up shop close to Paruppusatti's shops.Legend has it that Pager Charles sold toy mobile phones and pagers in the Beach-Tambaram local trains.With the money gained over the years,he set up a shop that initially sold toy i-Pods along with pagers but later went on to sell real stuff.During the same period,Paruppusatti expanded his business and captured new markets that included beaches,Kotwalchavadi, Koyambedu,BSE,NSE,NASDAQ etc.

Today the place stands testimony to the most peculiar brands of gadgets,traded.Brands sold here range from Mookia to Motor-odala.A highlight of this is the variants of the various brands.With an amount of Rs.7500,one can buy not only N70 but also N70 express,N70PP,N70 cut service and N70 L.S.S.Yet to be launched is N70 Deluxe but this has made its presence in Burma Bazaar.

Also worth mentioning are the peculiar offers that the shops make from time to time.A section of the shopkeepers offer the Motta-thala variant, that incidentally happens to be a Motor-odala model,endorsed by ultimate star Ajith.There are offers for housewives too such as one packet of L.G Kootu perungaayam free with every L.G Mobile phone.

The quality of after-purchase service deserves a mention.One particular customer complained of the presence of a cockroach in his cell phone and took it to Mookia priority dealer to get it repaired.He spent approximately Rs.1000 on it but that did not solve the problem.He then took it to Varadu Kutty Phone Aaspathiri where he got the device rectified for a mere Rs.200.

Simpy put,a unique shopping experience.
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