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Monday, April 11, 2005
It was a hectic weekend for me.I boldly took the intiative to conduct a seminar in class on rotary pumps and I had to prepare for it.I also had to face the fluid mech semester practical exam and the machine design unit test on monday.Adding to all this was the work-study record.Still I made it to the bloggers meet.

The bloggers meet was held this time atop st.thomas mount.It was attended by harish,sudhir,ravikumar,niranjan,chandrachudan,sophia,sandhya,aravind and praveen(not in that order).There was an initial gathering opposite st.dominics school in butt road.After every1 gathered we set off uphill.

I was the most inactive speaker in the group,perhaps.The mouth ulcer(swelling in the gums)kept me from talking too much.I still managed to gather a little info.I was captivated by the breathtaking view of chennai city frm above the hill.Ashok nagar on one end,airport on the other,kathipara on one and tidel park on the other.Another important landmark was the Arihant multistoreyed apartment which i could see by craning my neck a bit.An air-india "express" flight kept circling the place some umpteen times.

We left at around 645.CC,Ravi and me took our bikes and went downhill.After about 10 minutes praveen came rambling along in his activa which refused to start.It started with one kick by CC and the 7 of us(except sudhir,niranjan,sandhya and aravind)went to Saravana bhavan at ashok nagar for a cup of coffee.We discussed a few things @ SB for a few minutes and then departed.Harish came with me.

What I like about these informal meetings is that u get to make new friends with each meeting.That has been my case with QFI whose meetings I attend quite regularly.I've made friends with eminent brains like Samanth Subramaniam,V V Ramanan,Vinod,Krishnamurti etc to name a few.

Overall this has been a hectic weekend for me.I wind up now to get back to machine designTill then TATA.
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