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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Finally my sem exam has come to an end.2 months of vacation.Normally the time to laze around,but not this time since there's this industrial training in ICF from may 18th to jun 18th.Lots to do this summer.Finish off pending(or rather,untouched since purchase)novels,one movie per day,3 blogs per week.Add aptitude puzzles which my dad insisted I solve in order to keep my brain cells constantly grey.Apart from this there are also plans to go to bangalore to escape this sweltering heat but it's no longer hot here in madras.There's also a plan to go to coimbatore or bombay.Gotta see which one works out!But the one plan which I hope I'd carry out for sure is catching up with old dudes from school.One of my friends from coimbatore is now in chennai studying in HCE.I've got the contact ids & nos. of most of them.As for those dudes from chennai, magix,kannan,barath etc seem to have 4got10 that there is a beach in tiruvanmiyur, where we all used to meet.

About the sem exams,this is definitely my best.My internal scores all crossed 35 this time and my joy knew no bounds when i came to know today that i was one of the 5 people in my class who had secured 70/75 in work system design practicals.Hopefully my grade point will soar this time.They'd been decreasing since 2nd sem.Whether I was a pandu or not,ask magix or murali.
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