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Saturday, October 08, 2005
4 reasons why I feel chennai is better than mumbai or bangalore

1.Mumbai does not have long beaches.Bangalore has no beaches.
2.Mumbai's electric trains are crowded 24 * 7(here it's only during peak hours).Bangalore has no electric trains.
3.Roads in mumbai and bangalore are,most of the time, jammed(here it keeps moving,doesnt accumulate).
4.While M and B are receiving lacklustre attention from their own governments,here it is not so.The 14 union ministers and the state CM care enough for chennai and tamilnadu.

If any improvement ought to be brought to M and B,it should be done keeping only the two in mind and not Shanghai or singapore.Let mumbai be mumbai and bangalore be bangalore.
One very orthodox classmate of mine commented about the pathetic state of bangalore.This was what he said:"As long as they deny us kaveri water,they'll continue to suffer.They deserve this and even more."
The prefix "che" is used to denote red in words.It's burning hot in chennai even now.It's red hot now and probably that's Y places around chennai r named with a "che" prefix--CHEnnai,CHEngalpattu,CHEngundram(red hills),CHEmbarambakkam,CHEmbiam,CHEvvapettai and CHEtpet.
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