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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The fact that I'm a pathetic decision maker came to light after my previous post.I give in.I cannot quit blogging, come what may.It's got absorbed into my body after which my blood cells changed to red and white blog corpuscles.(RBCs and WBCs).A mighty thanx to all those who wanted me to "return soon".Me quitting blogging seemed to them like united states flight-la porathu,probably.And for those who considered it as "vethu scene",a huge sorry.

The reason why I felt like quitting, was academics.My scores in the two internal assessments were reeling around the "average" region.I knew I had to do exceedingly well in the third to get a decent GPA,for which I had to compromise on certain activities.But giving up everything else for the sake of academics was of no use,as I discovered in the past week.

It was Operations Research that changed my mind.I put down a list of my various daily activities and the time I should spend for each of them.After some 45 minutes of eliminations,permutations,finite element analysis,numerical methods and reductions,the solution finally came out satisfactorily.If I wake up before 6am everyday,I would have two hours, reserve.

Anyways,I accept it was such a dumb,jackass-like act of mine and I must confess I cannot stop reading ravaging posts,delightful mokkais,"thoughtless" humour,unplugged humour,reason to smile and every other musing out there in the blogocean. A big sorry to all u readers(including those who called it "vethu scene").
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