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Sunday, September 04, 2005
It's rejoice time on Fridays because of the placement-preparatory sessions.In the morning,the seniors conduct aptitude tests and in the afternoon the assistant placement officer delivers a two-hour lecture on the expectations of the industry.He quoted in one of his lectures "Have a predefined goal.Be sure of what you want".I thought over the second part of the phrase.What do I want really?I've compiled a list of what I want,none of which the industry needs.
*Win an open quiz.
*Meet Siddartha Basu.
*Get up-close with A.R.Rahman(like magix).
*Come face to face with chennai model,Divya Ramprasad.
*Know everything about the other three metros of India.
*Watch a rajinikanth movie first-day,first show.
*Discover or invent an alternative to petrol.
*Start the concept of metro-flight that plies in the city as an alternative to pallavan.
*Party on saturday nights.
*Grow more hair.
*Reinstall the old names,Madras and Pallavan.
*Become treasurer of Vijaykanth's party.
*Play cricket everyday in the university ground.
*Remodel my bike.

Also I have a few wishes for other bloggers if not for myself.The list:
*Harish's crooning talent gets noticed by A.R.R and he makes it big.
*Vinod becomes the next Siddartha Basu.
*Sandhya starts writing for THE HINDU
*Praveen takes over as editor of Thuglaq.
*Traffic in Harish's shout box lessens.
*Kiruba Shankar continues to be the no.1 blogger.
*Tourism tillalangidi Ravi stops criticising Chennai.
*Sambhar mafia reveals his actual name.
*Ferrari gets a ferrari presented by schumi or barrichello.
*Laloo prasad yadav starts blogging.
And for the country:
*Ganguly stays through from the first to the 50th over.
*Narain Karthikeyan gets recognition and hype.
*Mumbai remains the capital of Maharashtra.
*Lalu learns tamil and declares:"Mallaakka padutha pasu maadu,mount road-la mazha penja graveyard-u."
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