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Saturday, September 24, 2005
Finally I've touched 50.This is my 50th post.I never realised I could reach this far.Like a model,actress,engineering student etc. some of who land up in their respective professions by sheer accident,I'm no different.Here's an account of how I came to blog:

The first blog that I ever encountered was that of Vinod's.First I read most of his posts.Next I checked out his blogroll which contained the blogs of some famous quizbuffs of QFI.Checked out every one of them including that of Harish which I thought was the blog of one Harish Narayanan of QFI.But I was in for a surprise* later.Meanwhile I had made up my mind to plunge into the blogocean and created an account for myself,subsequently writing my first post about the tsunami coverage on television which evoked absolutely no response from other bloggers.That was that.I decided not to blog forever.

A telephone call changed my mind.One of my friends whose name rhymes with stray-ass told me to convey a message to Harish that he had just read the latter's post about his "coffee with rahman".That was when I learnt that my good old pal was into blogging.I called him up the next moment,conveyed to him, the message and got his URL.I then asked him if he knew Vinod.He replied in the affirmative and furnished every bit of info,he knew,about him.He then said "He blogrolled me before I could even read his(vinod's)blog."This phrase puzzled me a bit and so i checked out vinod's blog to quell any suspicions.Found the link "Harish" in his blogroll and this time I wasn't myopic enough to not spot the word "magix" which is his trademark word.(I spotted this the first time itself,but my 7 senses were switched off that moment).Read his "Caught in the act" series and found them to be extremely hilarious.This motivated me to change my mind and to start blogging again.Thanks dude!

My blog network gradually began to grow and very soon I began reading posts of people like Sudhish,Ramya and Samanth Subramaniam.Then I began getting bruised from head to toe because of Praveen's blogs which had me falling from LIC building terrace,laughing(ROTFL sounds cliched).My first bloggers' meet at St.Thomas mount created even more difference.

A big thanks to all those who keep visiting my blog and a huge one to kutti payyan curses.

But I've good news for all of you.I've decided to stop blogging.I'm not going to do a curses-like act of backtracking on my decision.So BYE EVERYBODY!And keep blogging!
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