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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
"Get more than an engineering degree."
So reads the catch phrase in NIIT ads.Engineering degree has become a bauble not only in this ad but also in every other NIIT ad.This may be one of the many reasons why engineering has lost its value as quoted by two 60 yr olds in besant nagar,which I happened to overhear.

Can't these people resort to some other form of marketing?Y should engg be degraded in their ads?What do these people know about engg. that they make tall claims that it wont do u any good? Now their stupid ads have started appearing in TV too.A guy dressed in t.shirt and jeans comes out of NIIT after enquiring about GNIIT.Three people supposedly from some IT firm(but look like doddabetta gaja and vyasarpadi jiva)wait outside frowning at each other.As soon as the guy comes out,one of them catches him in a kozhi-amukkufying style and drive him off.Another of those senseless ads.

It is considered a crime in this part of the country if you are not an engg student.And if u land in any branch other than electronics,comp sci,electrical and infotech,ur future is blank.These are simply fads that have sprung up in recent times.The biggest problem is that students fresh out of school give in to these falsely true and fictionally factual ideas.

Engineering is losing its value now.Dedication to the field has become a thing of the past.The focus is now on simply securing a job and not on serving the society as is the usual case.No matter how much technology develops,only if people are ready to soil their hands,can the so-called developed technology be made accessible to everyone.This is the main reason why computers are still a mystery to villagers,particularly to lalu's supporters.

"Soiling the hands" would involve working with dirt,grease,dust,oil and stains.Indian students of today dont like to do such tasks and this explains why the evergreen mechanical engineering field is diminishing in popularity.

It should be proved to NIIT that an engg degree is, by no means,lesser in value than the damned software courses it offers and the damned catchphrases it uses to woo students.Let's lift the spirit of engg.(curses,murali and praveen,do u agree?)

I felt like writing this when i spotted an NIIT bill sticker pasted below the adyar flyover to naaradichufy its architectural beauty.Now to ease myself,I'm listening to "Ghajini"
Oru maalai ila veyil neram.......
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