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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Because of the sudden spurt in the number of celebrities foraying into politics in tamilnadu,a new selection-method was devised.There were about 50 contenders.Each one wore a cap with a number written on it.Lots were drawn.The word "cap" was written, with a number next to it.A senior politician was called to pick one lot.Any guesses as to which one emerged?

Cap 10.
Heard of this director called Perarasu who was working with TamilNadu Tourism before turning director.

American steel firms have surveyed the town of tirupaachi.An aruvaal manufacturing company is on the cards and the project is expected to take off soon.

Sivakasi will soon get official license to manufacture bombs.All these days it was vennira aadai murthy who was producing "bomb after bomb after bomb".

The crowd to Tirupati increased fivefold last week because of the utsavam.A darshan to see govinda took 2 days.Now after ultimate star's "Tirupati" the crowd is expected to increase drastically that devotees would be forced to wait for a fortnight before they could get a glimpse of govinda.As a preparatory measure,TTD is planning to set up another devasthanam in little mount in chennai.
Numerologists have devised a technique to induce felxibility in Saurav Ganguly so that he would perform better.His surname would remain the same while his first name would change depending on the number of runs he scores.Henceforth he would be called "shoonya-rav","ek-rav", dus-rav,chabbees-rav etc depending on how much he scores in each match.He'll no longer be sau-rav.
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