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Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Ever seen the guy in the pic?

"He holds three jobs.He manages the shares of over 50 firms.He earns about $500 per day.Above all he's an alumnus of our college.He's Ranjit Baba.Come, witness his Power Talk"

--read the lines,by the side of a photo of a muttiah muralitharan-lookalike, on an A3 sheet stuck on the notice board of my dept.Another guest lecture,I mumbled to myself as I walked to the auditorium.Guest lectures in CEG are mostly monotonous.Every time it's the same stuff happening.A gal clad in a saravana stores- saree announcing the chief guest's arrival half an hour after he arrives,praising his speech even if it is full of bland talk.This time it was during the occassion of the inauguration of the Society of Mechanical Engineers.But it was different for it was a hot mech girl compering the show.

A tall well-built guy went on stage.One sight of him and soon Blaazee's words began ringing in my ears:
"B to the A to the B to the A,
A machoman,do u understand?"
His speech was primarily about "Making money".He started by displaying a 100-rupee note and announcing,"Whoever wants this came come and get it from me."None in the crowd responded.The note was still in his hands."Come on",he said.It was the mech hottie who took the initiative and got the note from him.He then praised the girl's money-making sense and added,"The rest of you are not good intitiators.U cannot make money."This brought a sense of humiliation to us.But he was kind enough to offer a second chance."I still have some currency notes with me.come and get them from me."This time I was quick to respond.I was the third on stage only to receive a 10-rupee note.This time he said "These people take initiatives by motivation.But the rest of you,you only like to sit and watch."

What followed then was a 30-minute long lecture about how to make money.An excerpt from his speech:
"The future of this century depends on successful entrepreneurship.We need more entrepreneurs.You must be in a position to pay others.Not get paid by someone.I can see 1500-odd people in this audi.I wish that all 1500 of you start your own businesses.That way you can make money.

"Give up the usual trend of +2-degree-job or +2-degree-PG-job.Instead complete your degree and start your own business.If u fail in ur business keep trying.Never get distracted by what others say.

"How many of you are seriously thinking of entrepreneurship?"Some 100-odd hands went up.He selected one from the crowd and asked her if she really meant it.A half-hearted response from the girl,"Umm...errr ...yes.""That was not a convincing answer."He said.He asked her the same question to which she answered "".She got pissed off and a guy was chosen next.He displayed a bout of body-language and said "I'm serious.""In that case I would like you to stand on this chair and announce to the entire auditorium what u said now",said RB.The guy responded."I want you to announce it forcefully by beating your chest.come on",said RB again.The poor guy had to do that following which he developed a sore throat from which he hasnt recovered yet.

A first year guy was too desperate to get the mike to say something.he finally grabbed it and announced his idea of inventing the metro-flight by the time he completed his degree.RB,again,wanted a whole-hearted answer.The guy this time was forced to do the chest-beating act on stage.

RB then quoted examples of drop-outs who had made it big.He said that one easy way to make money is to develop contacts with influential people.He then left the stage wishing us luck.

This RB did his B.E mechanical engg from AU and M.E in NUS.While he was in singapore,he somehow got in touch with several influential business people.How he came to know them is not known.

I may or may not become an entrepreneur in future but his words-of-power still linger."Never get distracted by what others say.Keep going ur own way."

That 10-rupee note now resides in the middle page of the thickest book in my rack,a dictionary.I am going now,to make money.Meanwhile check out"

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