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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Never,in the past four years, have I completed a book in less than a week.This one was better.I completed it overnight.The book has such content that will keep you glued to it.The book in question here is "One night at the call centre" by Chetan Bhagat.It is his second book after "Five Point Someone".

The moment I read the review in the latest issue of India Today,I headed straight to Spencer Plaza Landmark.Why Landmark when there's odyssey close by?It's for a different reason that I went to SP.The book was right there in the front,near the cash counter,copies of which were stacked in some shape.Picked up one,paid for it and left the store soon as I was late for my "appointment".

"One night..." is the story of six call centre employees.The story is about what happens in a night in a call centre.The print bears an exact semblance to "Five Point Someone".

I'm not going utter the complete story and spoil the mood of reading it even before you buy it.Go check it out yourself.It costs only 95 bucks for 290 pages,which may not be too expensive,I believe.I just can't imagine I completed it in one night.Happy reading!(and do tell me if u liked it)

The people of dharmapuri,salem,erode,karur,trichy,thanjavur and nagapattinam districts---poor chaps,they are.These places dont form the road route for buses from bangalore to nagapattinam.These are the towns along which the Cauvery river flows.For the past ten years the people of these districts have been pleading to Karnataka for Cauvery water.Their demands were supported by the local film stars too.The one night's rain of 23rd oct. was enough to bring surplus water accompanied by not joy,but agony.Most of the small towns along these districts have been inundated and worse things are expected for the next one week.Whether it is water in the river or no water,it's always agony for them.
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