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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Who is the real me?What kind of a person am I?These two questions have been puzzling me to a greater extent than thermodynamics.I was forced to ask myself these questions after I read "Harvard Business Review on Effective Communication".It said that before an individual in an enterprise gets to know about it,he/she must know himself/herself first and that he/she has to do a self-analysis of his/her character.I did that,accordingly,only to find myself stumped by the two questions above.That's the truth.I havent yet discovered the real me.This probably explains why I've been changing my profile statements quite often.This is the fifth change where I had,but to confess.The last four were written based on what others' views about me.It may take ages before I discover the real me,but by then bangalore would be bengaluru and Kumaraswamy would be chief minister.For now I have varied opinions about myself.Call it the Deve Gowda Theory of Backtracking.

P.S--In case any of you know anything about me,rate me please.
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