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Saturday, October 14, 2006
10th Std--There were too many subjects-12,to be precise.All had to be studied within a span of 12 months.Hence life was hectic even in 10th Std.

12th Std--The number of subjects came down to 6 but these had to be studied within 6 months.Therefore life was hectic in +2.

College--The number of subjects drastically came down to atmost 7 per semester.But again,no space to breathe for these 7 subjects had to be studied within 4.5 months(a timespan,better known as a semester).

Final year is no different.Only 4 theory papers to contend with and if you there's enough room for more air,you are wrong.These 4 papers coupled with CAT preparations,Techfest groundwork etc are enough to put your brain into a state of dormancy that you run out of topics to blog about.Sometimes people like this fellow uses his blog as a biography wherein one is reminded of Vedam Jaishankar's book on Rahul Dravid.

Having run out of good topics to blog about,I'm taking a temporary break from blogging.Till then enlighten yourself by reading my older posts.If those suck,then infuse some life into Sarvesh's blog.
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