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Sunday, May 29, 2005
The phrase "Unity in diversity" does not apply to languages specially in this part of India.One can do away with Hindi in any part of India except in tamilnadu.One has to necessarily know tamil here.A series of protests have been going on in recent times for the elimination of english and substitution of tamil.These protests are triggered by a political party called PMK.(that's a P,not a D or AD).

PMK was a "behind-the-screens" party till 2002 with DMK and ADMK being the main players.The leader of PMK,Ramdoss(let's call him R),is hell bent upon spreading tamil everywhere in the state that he cannot tolerate even a tinge of english.It is a caste-based party which wants a separate state to be carved out of tamilnadu.

PMK came to limelight when R protested against Rajinikanth's Baba.PMK activists stole reels of the movie in trichy,madurai and salem.Rajini's fans in turn ransacked PMK offices in most other parts of tamilnadu.But PMK had now become a main player.

PMK was initially at loggerheads with a dalit party called Dalit panthers headed by a guy called Thirumavalavan(let's call him T).Now they both have joined hands.How?The story goes like this:
Later in october 2003,another dalit guy calledKrishnasamy protested against Kamal hassan's Virumaandi which was in the making.R appreciated this.Now K and T were the thickest of friends.Got the connection now?R and T joined hands.

R and T have started a movement called Tamil protection movement(TPM).As if they are the real founders of tamil,they've coined the exact tamil words for car,bus,bicycle,cover etc.Just head to a busy spot in chennai and u would find a banner of a different kind---exact tamil words for tanglish words.The motive of the banner is for the people to learn those words and practise them.Disgusting!Imagine a guy asking u "Uyarneedhimandram perundhu nilaiyathukku entha perunthu sellum?(Which bus will go to high court bus stand?).Would u understand?Definitely not.Or even if u respond "Mandaveli perunthu nilaiyathukku sendru irupathi ondram enn perunthil erungal.(Go to mandaveli bus stand and catch route 21),would he understand?

Recently they poured coaltar on some english hoardings opposite to central station.Rwants stations to display names only in tamil(Oh god!).They've also targetted a few tamil movies which had english titles.R has requested southern railway to remove the english and hindi LED lightings in central and egmore.

Why r films and state govt agencies being targeted?The answer is simple:for want of publicity.R wants to be famous.He's projecting himself in a unique manner.Wonder what he'll do to tidel park or ascendas park?There r so many other issues to be discussed like desalination plant for chennai,kaveri river problem,etc.Y dont he conecentrate on such things?So my dear Chennaiites,dont be surprised if u find that yellow concrete sign showing the street name,missing.It must be the work of R or T.What do u do in such a case?Nothing.Leave it to the corporation.

The TN assembly elections are due next year.R is thinking of tying up with jayalalitha this time.What if it happens and if the alliance scores a majority?R's next demand would be a separate country called tamilnadu.Tn would be separated frm India.Then that would be UNITY IN DIVORCITY.
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